Split fish market or ‘Peškarija’ (a paradise for eyes)

Split fish market or ‘Peškarija’

You just can’t visit Split without taking a walk or shopping on the fish market or main green-market. Those are the spots where you can feel the real energy of locals, place to hear their small talks (even not understood), smell fresh fish aromas, and maybe find out some new fish species you have never seen before. 

(Peškarija is always full of fish, except the day after strong winds)

Situated in the centre of the Town, on Marmontova street, on 2 minutes away from the sea. Ready for truly Mediterranean experience? O yes!

More sulphur, less flies!

The main fish market someone will recognize as an architectural monument built over 120 years ago in Secession style. All that the Adriatic sea can offer comes to its tables, from sprats,  sardines, mackerels, to more expensive red scorpionfish, dentex, red porgy, sea bass, lobsters, seashells… And everything with no flies at all! The reason is a smell of sulphur coming from the neighbouring spa, one of the reasons why Diocletian, burdened by rheumatism, chose exactly this place to build his Palace. The Fish Market or Peškarija, as the locals call it, will make you feel the affiliation of Split and Dalmatia to the Mediterranean and its culture. 

( guy will clean all your fish for just a 1,5 euros)

Go ahead, look, smell, ask!

We suggest you start with a short walk around the tables full of the fresh fish and try to chat with the fish seller about the fishes, like where they are caught and how fresh the fish is. Of course, some of them will not speak foreign languages, but you will never know, you might be lucky!  The fish market is situated on a square next to Marmontova Street, it is open every day from about 6.30 am till 2 pm. From around 12 a clock they reduce the prices, so it there is any fish left you can make a bargain at that time of the day. 

(you can choose between wild and cultivated fish)

The most popular fish are picarels, sprats, mackerels, sardines and anchovies. Two months ago the outside part of a Split fish market was closed recently due to some new hygienic regulations, so all you have to do today is to enter inside the market building. Inside they sell white, high quality and therefore more expensive fish and oysters. Of course, you will find bluefish, cheaper and fresh. Depending on last night weather, the offer will oscillate.

(“The early bird gets the worm” – valid for a fishmarket too)

Take a walk, and notice a long stone table where you can ask for about 10 kunas to clean your fish and cut it into fillets if you don’t like the hassle your selves. 

There are old nannies with barrels full of salted anchovies and if you ask you can taste one before buying it. 

On the northern part of the building go for oysters and shells. It would be a pity if you have no place to prepare some fish from this market, so you can think about a unique offer such as food tour. 

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